Off Topic - Hanami in Brooklyn 2008

Once every few months, it’s nice to leave the house and walk around the city. Right now, about half the cherry trees in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden have reached full blooming. So armed with my dinky camera, I spent a day out under the clouds and petals.

I had actually taken some 175 or so pictures during the day of all the plants that caught my attention at the gardens. Many were cherries of course, since there were so many different varieties (you can tell by the different shapes of the petals and blossoms from shot to shot). So here, I just plucked out some of my favorites.

Amusingly, there’s a spot in the park’s map marked “Daffodil Hill”. Well, considering that I’ve spent about a year of my life working on Narcissu, there wasn’t any question that I would be visiting that patch.

Aside from the colors that are visible in this shot, walking around the park here and there, I saw other specimens of daffodils, all differently in their coloring. Some where all white, or white with yellow fringes on the inner part, or all yellow, or white outside with yellow petals in the center. To complicate things, there were flowers that looked somewhat like daffodils, but not quite.

All in all, a fun day.

I wish I had a DSLR instead of a simple point and shoot.


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