Kotonoha Days!

April Fools, 2006, has passed. And again, a number of game companies have joined in the festivities. One of my favorites this year was by 0verflow, maker of one of my favorite games, School Days.

Because these joke sites get taken down in 24 hours, I wound up taking a snapshot of the site, and then created aTranslated Mirror here. I just stuck my translation after the character descriptions and prologue text, nothing fancy.

For those who didn’t know, a number of the bad endings in School Days were bloody and gruesome. With girls spiraling into jealousy, madness, and eventually bloodlust. This just played on that =)

I especially recommend that people download Kotonoha’s voice sample #2. It goes to show how some Japanese voice actresses, are really good at their job.

Overflow is working on a fandisk/alternate story/prequel to School Days, Summer Days, this time featuring the character Setsuna (^_^)v who was not really a finishable heroine of the original. The original was set in winter, and so Summer Days explores potential events before the original.

Go go anticipation!


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