Nekoneko Puchifandisc

Nekoneko, one of my favorite software houses has released a 300MB “fan-disc-like” thing for download on their website (Japanese required of course, also, there’s an implicit 18+only assumption, and while they don’t usually splash non-worksafe images all over the place, nothing’s stopping them, so do pay attention to where you are.)

Much in the spirit of their other gift and fan releases, it’s got short stories involving their previous games and upcoming games. This time, it covers from their Ramune to Sa-na-ra-ra titles.

I haven’t had opportunity to finish a bunch of it, but I did manage to play the Sa-na-ra-ra short story. I didn’t catch the pronunciation of the new girl yet, but she’s adorable! Has a phobia of pigeons, calls them hato-saurus a few times. _

On the whole, like Sa-na-ra-ra, the story is just simple and very sweet. And for those who haven’t played Sa-na-ra-ra. There’s a whole side section that explains the whole “Chance System”, Navigators, etc.

There’s a number ecchi stories too, haven’t played those yet, and also a Scarlett intro thingie. More on that when I get to it!


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