Book addiction, round two!

Well, it was bound to happen, I wound up buying more books… This time it was a small order! Only 13 volumes!

Well, first, a snap since they’re sorta pretty…

Ignore my toy hamster, he’s there as a pretend scale.

I even had a chance to lightly skim the books through this time!

As you can see, 9 volumes of Full Metal Panic novels, all the books that deal with the more serious adventure story, as opposed to the many, many mostly comedy-side story books. The latest few books of the story are nice, I really hope they get to making Season 4 of the anime based them… the ARX-8 Laevetein makes things go Boom! Chidori and Sousuke finally stop dancing around the topic, but get swept away by events… argh, why can’t the next volume be out now!!

Full Metal Panic Sigma 6 is mixed in, I just like the art, even though it obviously trails the novels in story development… The final chapter is a bonus one showing a bit of the back story of Tessa! A few pages of her as a little girl, very cute, very clumsy, toddling around dropping things. Then a page or two of her slightly older, probably 11-12ish, wearing something resembling a private school uniform, and giving orders.

And of course, Shana 16 is there… ahh, we finally hear the decision Yuuji had made at the end of 14… ahh, and the story is heading to grand climax it seems, but like the other Shana novels of late that have to do with the main story, it ends on a gripping cliffhanger. The next volume is apparently another side story volume, so I Shana 18 comes out by Fall ’08…

Hrm, I have Natsumegu in there, I just occasionally collect novelized versions of visual novels, just to see how that particular author handled the novelization. Haven’t had a chance to really look into it yet.

Finally, the missing volumes 1 and 2 of Bungaku Shoujo that I couldn’t manage to get are here! Even though I’m still reading book 5 of O-ri-ga-mi, I couldn’t help myself but read book 1 of Bungaku Shoujo, and now I’m horribly addicted. The series itself has won an award somewhere, under the mystery genre it seems.

Amano To’oko, the bungaku shoujo, that is, ‘Literature Girl’, loves stories and great literature. To the point where she’ll eat the pages. From books, to hand-written pieces, she delights in gobbling them up and describing the flavors, like she described Fitzgerald’s “Great Gatsby” as “tasting splendid, like caviar and champagne” and such. For bad writing, she’ll cry, or complain about how it tastes like watermelon rind or something. For a book addict, it’s hard to resist a character that obsesses so much about stories.

The main guy, is Konoha, I forget his surname right this moment, but anyways, as a 14 year old, he submitted a novel under a pen name, and it turned into a bestseller… ‘cept the pen name was female, and after all the fame of the “beautiful genius 14 year old girl” he stopped writing, and is generally withdrawn from society now. The only exception to that is that he accidentally learned about To’oko’s eating habits, and so was dragged into the literature club, where To’oko makes him write her “snacks” by giving him 3 random terms, like “weight scale”, “stiletto”, “horsechestnut” and 50 minutes…

Anyways…. I’ll have to give a better description later, when I’ve read more than 40 pages… I just got these books yesterday after all… Aaaah, so many books, so little time….

For fun, I stacked allll of my novels (and only novels) into something like a 3d bar chart. I put a toy kitty nearby for comparison.

And then, I got annoyed at them getting in my way, so I got rid of all the little paper bands that keep coming with these books…


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