Book addiction, at 50% off!

Do you know what happens when everything at a bookstore is marked down 50%? Well, something like this… the cashier lady was going “sugoi” to her coworker as she helped pack my items.

Kinokuniya books is moving to Bryant Park, and so, they’re closing their long time Rockefeller center branch. In order to clear inventory, just about everything in the store with some minor exceptions, is 50% off until the store closes on Dec 31.

You may have seen my previous forays into book shopping, Here and Here

In those, I picked up about 50 books, mostly light novels, in the course of 2 months… Then this comes along!

Thankfully, Kinokuniya doesn’t have much in the way of light novels in stock, else I would’ve been in a great deal of trouble. What they do have that I was interested in, are manga, go books, and dictionaries.

This week’s loot:

My stuff is Hayate no Gotoku, 2-5, 7-13… Now I have to go find 1 and 6… and the latest volume is 14 I believe? Gah…

Valkyrie Profile Simleria 2, for little reason other than I bought the first volume on an impulse last year and my collector’s spirit didn’t particularly want to let the next one go away for cheap..

Feeling the strange urge to read bizarre otaku 4-koma, I picked up Doujin work 2-4 and Lucky Star 5… They had 801chan 1 and 2 there… but I wasn’t that over the edge…

On the very bottom are 2 go books, one about attachment, and one about good shape. Hopefully they’ll be somewhat useful, but at a quick flip through, they at least looked interesting and about my level.

And finally, my prize of the trip in the center: Iwanami’s Kogo Jiten! I’ve been wanting this one for awhile now. It was the dictionary used in that “History of the Japanese Language” class I sat in on at Cornell last year, taught by John Whitman. I really enjoyed that class, even though I was this outsider non-linguistics student who often sat there absorbing printouts and lectures. I’ve wanted this dictionary for awhile now, and now that it’s $22 or so, I got it! Woohoo! Who knows, one day having a solid, compact dictionary on old-japanese might come in handy.

The red line marks off the blob of items that I was buying for friends. Gunslinger girl 1-6, Claymore 13, X 18… Note the stray copies of Shakugan no Shana (0,2,3,4,5,6,14) That 10 on the side is mine! I fell asleep reading my old copy and bent it a bit, and I liked it enough that I wanted a second copy. Now I can carry the other one around without feeling bad about getting it bent!

All told, I spent $150 today… On the flip side, it means I saved $150 today. So I’m not feeling all that bad… There is one problem… I need to clean my shelves so I can put these somewhere…

Finally, stepping right outside the store of course is Rockefeller center, with it’s tree and lights and all that touristy goodness. What makes it special this year though, is that they’ve strung the trees with LEDs instead of bulbs this year!

My first impression walking down the street towards the store was “Wooow, the trees look like they have brilliant diamonds on them this year, what’s with that?” So, as a treat for this post…

Those sparky crystalline diamonds… Note the faint leaves still on the tree tops.

The tree from far away…

The tree from practically right under it…


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