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銀色 – Silver

The new 2001 opening theme that was added to the Gin’iro Complete Edition.
Translated by Agilis

作詞:片岡とも Lyrics: Kataoka Tomo
作曲:まにょ (Little Wing) Composition: Manyo (Little Wing)
歌:達見 恵 (EMG) Vocals: Tatsumi Megumi? (EMG)
アレンジプロデュース: キャッツ Arrange/production: Cats
冷たい夜の 滴映して Reflecting drops of the cold night
跳ねる月は石切代 springing from the moon, Isuna
解いた結いに 髪を流して Hair flowing from undone bindings
夏の夜にさよなら farewell to summer nights
淡い光りと 見えない証を Faint light and invisible proof
私もそう 輝くの教えて and that I too shined like that, tell me
この想い 月へ届け Bring these thoughts to the moon
夏が過ぎてく 今が消えゆく Summer is passing, ‘Now’ is fading
滲む月は銀色 the blurring moon is silver
透けた指先 細い背中を Transparent fingers, slender back
強く抱いてさよなら hold them strong, farewell
揺れた蛍と 消えゆく光を Swaying fireflies and fading light
いつかはそう 残せるの叶えて grant that someday it can be left so
この想い 月へ届け Bring these thoughts to the moon
閉じた世界と 過ぎ行く夏の日 Closed world and passing summer days
月夜に今 輝くの私も and also me shining at the night sky
この想い 胸に届け Bring these thoughts to your heart

Note, the NNS sound collection lyric book has an extra “この想い 胸に届け” before the second half of the song, but, that line is 1) not in the song on the NNS box’s CD itself, and 2) isn’t on the lyrics included in the original game’s manual, so I’ve classified it as a typo and left it out.

I didn’t really pay attention to the lyrics of this song until translating it, so I was rather surprised, and pleased to find out which character the song represents.


  1. kanon fan
    12/30/2006 03:47 AM | #

    That’s for sure, afterall he wrote the first chapter didn’t he XD.
    Now I wonder why is Isuna there…

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