Lyrics - Gin'iro - Kokoro no yukisaki

こころのゆきさき – Heart’s destination

The original opening theme to Gin’iro, which was subsequently replaced by the song Gin’iro in the 2001 complete edition.
Translated by Agilis

作詞作曲: SIMO (Sound Union) Lyrics/Composition: SIMO (Sound Union)
歌:佐藤裕美 Vocals: Satou Hiromi
忘れかけた 瞳の奥に Deep within forgotten eyes
また 光がもうひとつ はかない銀模様 Again, one more light, a transient silver pattern
今 君に包まれて まだ 離れない Now, embraced by you, still unable to separate
やさしく輝きつづけてほしい I want you to continue shining gently
祈り 届きませんか 伝えますか Prayer, will you get there? Will you convey?
心 応えてほしい 君にゆくよう Heart, I want an answer, may it go to you

3/29/3007 – After some long debate, I redid the final two lines, more or less totally.


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