Lyrics - Muvluv - Muvluv


-Theme song for Muvluv
Translated by: Agilis.

作詞:江幡育子 Lyrics: Ebata Ikuko
編曲:礒江俊道 Arrangement: Isoe Toshimichi
歌:栗林みな実 Vocals: Kuribashi Minami
心がゆれ動くたび While my heart was wavering
街も人も言葉も The streets, and people, and words
違う色になる turned a different color
会えないだけで切ない It hurts just not being able to meet you
迷いの時の中で while I’m lost
いつも呼んでいた I’m always calling
気づいてる? 夜の涙 Do you notice? The tears at night
ため息と孤独 the sighs and loneliness
ねえ 連れ出してすぐに please, quickly take me from here
あなたの瞳が映し出す未来 The future that’s reflected in your eyes
ふたりの出会いに意味があるのなら If there is meaning in our meeting
今 同じ夢を Now, I want to gaze at
見つめたいの 鍵をあげる the same dream. I’ll give you the key
心の扉開けて open the door to my heart
失うことが怖くて Afraid of losing
気持ち隠し続けて I continued to hide my feelings
ひとり悩んでいた worrying alone
醒めない夢をさまよい Wandering in an endless dream
いつも心ゆれてた my heart was always shaken
懐かしい痛み a nostalgic pain
強くなる 近づきたい I’ll become strong, I want to get closer
大切な人に to a precious person
そう 生まれ変わるから Yes, because I’ll be reborn
ふたりの想いがつくりだす世界 The world created by our two thoughts
本当の気持ちを見つめる勇気を the courage to gaze at our true feelings
今 抱きしめたい I want to embrace them now
優しくなる 感じあえる I’ll be kinder, I can feel it
翼を今広げて Spread your wings now
あなたの勇気が切り開く未来 The future that’s opened by your courage
ふたりの想いが見つけ出す希望 The hope that our two feelings discovered
今 感じあえる Now I can feel it
あきらめない 心かさね Join the hearts that never give up
永遠を抱きしめて and embrace eternity


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    Thanks for the translation of the song, you have the translation of Divergence?

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