Lyrics - Narcissu Side 2nd - 15cm

15cm, the insert song to Narcissu Side 2nd. It has a very nostalgic 80’s feel to it.

With this, all 4 songs of the series, Narcissu ~Setsumi's Theme~, I’m here, Narcissus, and 15cm, are done.

Translated by Agilis.

作詞:Takashi(Σ-sigma-) Lyrics: Takashi(Σ-sigma-)
作・編曲:sin(Σ-sigma-) Composition/Arrangement:sin(Σ-sigma-)
歌:KAKO Vocals: KAKO
街を見下ろした 私にはいらない世界 I looked down upon the city, a world I don’t need
時を失った者達の 白い鎖 white chains of people who have lost their time
冷たい画面に 映る リアルのない景色 Projected on the cold screen, scenes with no reality
届かないままに 記憶だけ増えていく always unreachable, only memories grow
また少しだけ痩せた体も 消え逝くにはまだ遠く Again my body weakens slightly, but vanishing is still far
15cmに近付くように 窓の向こう 空を眺めてた like approaching the 15cm, I gazed at the sky beyond the window
諦めを決めた あの日から 時が止まって I decided to give up, from that day on stopping my time
眠れない程の 恐れさえ ないの 今は even fear that keeps me awake is gone now
体を休めて 意味のない命 延ばすの Resting my body, I’m extending a meaningless life
このまま終われば まどろみの中 願う if it ends like this, I hope it’s in the middle of a doze
目を覚ましても繰り返さえる 消えることを待つ時間 Even if I awaken I’m just brought back, to time waiting for disappearing
15cmに吸い込まれてく 逝く場所さえ 選べないのなら drawn in by 15cm, if I’m unable to choose even a place to go 1
白い部屋の中 瞳閉じて見る世界で In the white room, in the world seen with closed eyes
広がる明日を 手にして笑えるから because I can take hold of the spreading tomorrow and smile
どれだけの夜 どれだけの夢 越えたら届くのだろう How many nights, how many dreams, must be passed before getting there?
15cmの向こうで次の私になる 想いを描くの I’m painting thoughts of what I’ll next become, beyond the 15cm

1 The 逝く used for “to go” is used for “to pass away”, and is pronounced as the normal 行く “to go”.


  1. Zamir
    04/20/2008 06:32 PM | #

    Thank you for your devotion to a piece of art! Of all the VNs I have ever played, Narcissu holds a special place in my heart..

  2. ishino123
    06/30/2010 05:20 AM | #

    daisuki desu…
    this is my favorite

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