New visual novel news site - cubed!

It has come to my attention that I’m starting to collect a growing collection of hats. aka NNN, aka N^3, aka encubed is up!

Ever since Visualnews disappeared for more than a month due to server issues, there had been talk about building a new site to fill the void that suddenly opened in the community. Finally, after much (still continuing) work on the part of the newly gathered staff, encubed is up and running!

We’ll primarily focus on news of the visual-novel translation community. Projects starting, ending, releasing, and so on. That’s the primary focus of the site. After that, there’ll probably be more material, though right now the details are still undecided.

Staff-wise, we have Message and Zalas, both were part of the staff for visualnews, since they’re the most experienced, the rest of us defer to them. Shinji… probably wasn’t ex-staff… but I’m not 100% on the exact history. I’m there as a minor reporter, editor type person.

Currently, my greatest contribution to the site is the “box on a stick” mascot featured on the site. At some point, we need to give it a name…

So, if you’re looking for news about the visual-novels English translation community, come visit us!


  1. 02/14/2008 06:55 AM | #

    I’ve been looking for this kind of site for months..
    Thanks for the info..

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