Shakugan no Shana vol 12 translated excerpt

Some bonus reading for Thanksgiving this year. I’ve been wanting to write this for quite awhile now, and I needed a tiny break from Narcissu side 2nd today.

Taken from the novel Shakugan no Shana 12 (灼眼のシャナXII), this is the last 3 pages of the epilogue (247-250). Here. the flashback stories of the human Johan and tomogara Pheles, from since before Johan’s birth, to Pheles taking him as a child, to them traveling around the world as she raised him, finally come to an end in this scene.

Here, we see the creation of the hougu(treasure) Reiji Maigo, as well as the pair who would be called 「約束の二人」(engage link), “the promised two.”

With the coming of Pheles in the second season of Shakugan no Shana, I wonder if this scene will appear in the show at some point.

Essentially, it is a beautiful proposal. Even those not particularly familiar with the series should be able to appreciate that, even ignoring the occasional terms that pop up

There are probably a few typos in the Japanese as I was transcribing things, though I don’t think they’re fatal errors. As always, comments, corrections, etc. are welcome.

Update: Looks like the scene in question has come to pass in the anime, in Shakugan no Shana the Second, episode 14. Though they compressed it a fair ways, and since they had to link into the flow of the ongoing story, they put a much darker tone to the whole scene. In the books, these scenes were more or less disjoint snippets inserted into the main story flow.

The young man held his hand out to his seated lover.

“I had always thought it was mysterious. How the things said to be born between both worlds, the hougu, are born when the wishes of humans, are wished by tomogara… and yet, we are not able to make a single hougu. Even though there isn’t any human and tomogara who share desires as us.

The young man pulled his hand and his lover up.

“Why that was so, I had always thought of.”

The young man placed his hand on his lover’s shoulder.

“But you see, the answer was simple. when you notice it, it’s a very simple thing… Our wish, is but one. Other wishes, all of them, come along for free.”

The young man watched his lover seemed surprised that her inner feelings were noticed.

“My wish, your desire, is “to be together forever”… simply that.”

The young man spoke to his protesting lover.

“It is also your wish, Pheles”

The young man embraced his still-resisting lover.

“Then, you are fine, without me?”

The young man gently told his stiffened lover.

“You love me. And I also love you. We want to be together, don’t want to be apart, absolutely. That wish, we both hold. That, I’m sure of.”

The young man whispered above his lover’s shoulder.

“That’s why, I desperately researched. Because the hougu that would grant our wish, was exactly that. And then, also, I don’t want to be a weak human that only brings you trouble like now.”

The young man knew that his lover’s shoulders were shaking.

“But, you see, that’s why, my beloved. I tried to become a man that was suitable for you. Not just simply wishing, I decided to strive to become the man that holds the power to walk together with you.”

The young man stepped away from his lover.

“Even looking like this, I have faith in the size of my vessel, you know? The power of existence that I hold, always feeling it, measuring… my vessel is, large. Who do I thank for that? The father who gave me this thoughtful mind? The mother that gave me the smile that draws you? No… the one that gave me everything, was you.’

The young man linked hands with his lover.

“Let’s go. Let us grant our true wish. Let us be together. With you, I will become eternity. Becoming eternity, supporting you, I will walk with you. If you but wish it, then it will be granted”

The young man turned his eyes downward with his lover.

“Do you know why I asked to climb this clock tower today?”

The young man matched gazes with his lover.

“It is because this, is exactly what I aim at, the perfect material for to for us to make our hougu.

The young man walked of, pulling his lover along.

“Clocks, always return here. As the sun revolves, the starts revolve, the moon revolves. And then all anew, a new ‘now’ is known.”

The young man rose into the sky with his lover.

“Pheles, let us make our hougu.

The young man danced in the sky with his lover.

“Pheles, let us confuse the seams of time, and forever with me, together with you, let’s be here.”

The young man, while dancing with his lover, watched the clock tower at their feet break apart.

“Pheles, let us play a trick on time. Let us make spinning time lost at midnight (reiji)”

The young man, while dancing with his lover, knew that they were being surrounded by the parts of the clock.

“Pheles, now wish. To be with me forever.”

The young man felt his own body fly into the parts of the clock tower, felt his existence changing.

“And then, in order to be with you… will become a mystes”

The young man swore.

“— Come, stop my time. That I may be with the beautiful you —”


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