Lyrics - Narcissu - Narcissus


-Theme from Narcissu
Translated by: Agilis.

作詞:片岡とも Lyrics: Kataoka Tomo
作曲: ebi(sound union) Composition: ebi(sound union)
歌:REM Vocals: REM
ありふれた 一日が終えぬよう So this commonplace day may never end
明日に届け carry it to tomorrow.
一月の花を尋ねてみた I tried asking about the January flowers
憧れはナルキッソス my admiration was the Narcissus
二人で望んでみた Together, we tried wishing
グラス越し 銀の夜 through glass, silver night
もしも願えるのならば If it could be granted,
um.. もっと近くにきてよ un… come closer.
雨空じゃ 顔も見えない With the raining sky, we can’t even see faces
星を灯けて turn on the stars.
華やかな 煌びやかな運命を A brilliant, splendid fate,
夢見て泣いた夜は that night I saw dreams of it and cried
銀色の流星も泣いている the silvery shooting stars also cried
ナルシスに向けて towards the narcissus
あっけなく さよならを告げぬよう So as not to say a disappointed farewell
唇が告げぬように I kept my lips from speaking.
呟きに星空も木霊する Whisperingly, the night sky also echoed
ナルシスに向けて towards the narcissus
いつまでも届け forever reaching them.

Note: The first two lines aren’t in the printed lyrics included with my CD version of Narcissu, but they’re definitely in the vocal version of the song on the CD.

Song lyrics and poetry give me the most difficulty in translating, and this song was especially difficult. I will freely admit here that for the second line and final lines, I am extremely uncertain how to render 届け. I can’t quite find the proper wording that gets the sense of communicating/reporting a message in a way that satisfies me. Yet. I’ll have to think on it much more.


  1. kanon fan
    12/26/2006 08:01 PM | #

    It already touched me. The most memorable scene for me in narcissu was spoiler! setsumi, puting on a pose before my camera, reaching out her hand into the blue sky but couldn’t grasp anything. I don’t know anything about 届け, but I suppose it’s this feeling?
    BTW, is the translation of the theme song for giniro done anywhere?

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