Still Alive

It’s not really a secret that I call New York City home. And Hurricane Sandy just did a number on the infrastructure here. Safe, sound, with power, water, food, internet, phone. Just totally unable to travel any significant distance w/ public transportation down.

No projects on the horizon yet, mostly because I haven’t found something I want to dedicate the hundreds of hours needed to work on it. Have been talking on and off with occasional visual novel writers, but just about shop, not about projects or work.

I did work no something a half year ago, but not something that’s been announced or released yet. Mostly I was filling in for short staffing, but it was fun. If it’s ever released somewhere I’ll announce it here.

Meanwhile, just hoping that repairs to the major systems in the city (and all the other cities hit by the storm) get back in place soon.


  1. 10/30/2012 02:41 PM | #

    Translating a visual novel requires a lot of dedication, so it is important to choose a project you’re prepared to spend a long time on. Therefore, your situation is quite understandable.

    I also hope that New York City and other affected areas will return to normal soon.

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