Headed to NY Anime Festival/Comic Con this weekend

Well, since I live in the city, there’s little reason not to go this weekend.

As usual you can find me hanging around 2 places. Either the Hendane booth, with a big stack of Narcissu CDs to give away for $1 (I’d give them away for free but I only have like 60, and at AX I learned that “free” makes things disappear really fast). They’re printed discs too, so they’ve at least got Some physical value, I hope.

The other possible place would be around Ryu Moto’s booth. Mostly hanging out and having fun there.

I have no idea who the guests are, have no interest in any of the panels, and haven’t watched any anime for the past 1-2 seasons, so don’t expect to find me anywhere else…

I’ll either have my Nekonekosoft cap on, or maybe have a small Patchouli bag hanging from my neck…


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