Will be at Anime-Expo

So, this year I’ll be headed over to Anime Expo again.

As usual, I haven’t watched anime all that much the past few years, nights being taken up with my usual full plate of of projects. So I have practically 0 interest in the usual shenanigans that cons are mostly about.

I will be at the May’n and MELL concerts though.

And no, I don’t like キラ☆.

Instead I’ll be mostly there to hang out in the dealer’s areas, the eroge panels, and other visual-novel-y related booths.

Plan is to be handing out some free copies of Narcissu 2 English Edition while I’m there for fun. Someone’s printing out a decent sized stack, so we’ll see how many are left after.

As for how to find me, I’ll most likely be at the Hen da ne booth, behind the table occasionally helping out, wearing my NekonekoSoft cap. A good number of the #denpa gang will be there also, including another translator or two, and other people who helped with the narci2 project.

If I’m missing there, I might be hanging around Mangagamer, talking to staff, or having fun at the concerts or something.

And what the heck is a NekonekoSoft cap? Have no idea who the heck to look for? Well, I’ll refer you to this screenshot of the NNS blog w/ a picture of me in it from last week (yay for sending in pictures on a lark and winding up on an eroge company’s blog).


  1. 07/04/2010 10:40 PM | #

    Thanks for handing out the cds and signing my copy! I enjoyed the VN, so I had to give you props in person for making it possible for me to enjoy it in English.


    P.S. FYI, some folks at digital haze ported Narcissu to the DS. That’s how I played a majority of the game. :)

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