Giveaway contest results probably tomorrow

It’s 11pm and more or less just got home… This week’s been a bit of a crazy one. It’s hard to get project work done when you’re out late at meetings and semi-social events 6 out of 7 days…

Anyways the candidates have been selected, and I just need to mass mail each one individual to verify address and other info. Afterwards…. hrm. I guess I’ll post their mail MD5 hash also. BTW, when I say “tomorrow” I mean, “tomorrow, after work” so expect it to be ridiculously late at night, Eastern Daylight Time.

Since this is one big copy-paste operation to about 30-35 people, I’m seriously hoping I don’t get flagged for spamming.

There are 3 types of winners.

  • 24 “Standard” winners – These people will get a copy of the game
  • 4 “Bonus” winners – These people will get the game AND a copy of the mini-novel that came out about 2 years ago at comike.
  • 2 “Special” winners – These two lucky people will get the game, the mini-novel, AND a copy of the Visual Fan Book.

There’s also special prizes for people who were staff or I felt otherwise deserving of rewards, but those people are separate from this whole process.

The novels and fan books were things that I’ve bought with my own money over the years as spares and other promotion-like purposes. Still, I don’t need 8 copies of the same novel lying around, so spreading the joy a bit more.

Anyways, statistics:

  • There were 234 individual entries to the contest.
  • 29 different countries were represented, I was quite surprised by the turnout.
  • The vast vast majority had played Narci 1 then Narci 2. (over 96%)
  • The geo distribution is follows:

US 125
Canada 30
Philippines 9
New Zealand 8
Malaysia 8
Australia 5
Sweden 5
Finland 4
Germany 4
Indonesia 4
UK 4
Netherlands 4
Belgium 3
Vietnam 2
France 2
Singapore 2
Thailand 2
Poland 2
Denmark 1
Argentina 1
Czech Republic 1
Slovakia 1
Brunei Darussalam 1
Trinidad And Tobago 1
Mexico 1
Bulgaria 1
Spain 1
Uruguay 1
Russia 1


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