One more foot into Web 2.0...

Considering I most of my waking hours on one computer or another, I have to admit I’m a generation in the past — I barely use “Web 2.0”-like things.

Facebook? Yeah I have an account somewhere, and log in once every 3-6 months… in response to someone doing something to me… I don’t see how people can spend so much time on that site…

Mixi? Okay, I use that a decent amount to keep tabs on some people I know in Japan, since it’s bigger than Facebook there.

Blog? Well I suppose Neechin is one, so at the least I use that.

But for everyday stuff, I have IM, IRC, RSS reader, and Email… All this stuff about various web widgets, Buzz, those weird services that you can use on your cell phone, none of those at all.

Double irony points because I work at a web company that actually runs one such sites… and profitably.

But anyways, for a change of pace, I’ve taken a step out of the past and into the present, and gotten myself a twitter account. For those who are interested, you can follow me.

My stream is typically dual-language… I try to similar post using both languages, but if you’re wondering what the heck I’m saying, feel free to ask.

Oh, and no. You’re not going to see one of those annoying widget doodads on my sites.


  1. 03/15/2010 06:28 AM | #

    Yeah I’ve got a twitter myself thatI use once in a blue moon.

    Meh, if you ever want a widget doodad I’d have to figure out how to code one up but there are a few cute things you can do with them.

    Agilis… you have kanji under all the other links except the twitter, which throws off the balance. :P Do something about it!

  2. 03/17/2010 10:16 PM | #


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