Narcissu 2 progress puzzle

Haeleth and I both firmly believe in the “it’s done when it’s done, so don’t bother us” style of projects, so we’ve kept a very tight lid on progress reports. People on IRC know a bit more, and I know I’ve deliberately put subtle hints out into the world occasionally here on Neechin and on the Gemot. People who noticed them probably have a sense of what’s going on better than this post will say.

Anyways, continuing in the spirit of providing amusing, but oddly useless information about what’s going on in the project, I present you this puzzle in the form of a graph.

I will give you a few hints on how to read it, what meaning can be pulled from it, you are free to discuss amongst yourselves in the comments to this article.

  1. This only charts my progress, and only on text files (things like graphics, code, etc aren’t shown).
  2. “Added” and “edited” have algorithmic definitions for charting reasons, it may not mean what you think.
  3. Haeleth’s stuff isn’t plotted here at all.
  4. Finally, this chart was created a few days ago, Feb 20th 2009 to be exact.

If anything, it all shows that life has hit both of us in fairly hard ways over the course of the project.

It’s not my place to speak for Haeleth, but for my part, since I’ve started working on Narcissu 2, the following major milestones come to mind:

  1. Completed coursework for Master’s degree
  2. Got first full time job consulting, mostly 40-45hrs a week
  3. Wrote and defended MS Thesis, while working full time
  4. Lost job as economy exploded
  5. Found new job recently, with 50+hr workweeks
  6. いかだでおk


  1. 02/22/2009 11:05 PM | #

    I’ve had this blog on my RSS feed ever the main site was “slightly” updated with early 2009.

    I just want to say that as anxious as I am and can’t WAIT to see it: Take your time. Life sucks but it’s the most important thing.

    It’s fine. Whether it comes out today or five years from now, I’ll still be waiting and anxious to play it.

    And while I understand and promote the idea of “it’s done when it’s done” it’s just good to know, though, that work still continues even if it’s at snail’s pace. Thank you for this brief update and mention about the project.

    Good luck and thank you for even working on it at all.

  2. MuzikalNotes
    03/27/2009 06:26 PM | #

    Don’t worry, life is never fair to its people, so you’re doing great. Just good luck to you if you want to do Narcissu 3rd after this.

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