Lyrics - Soshite ashita no sekai yori - return to that place

The main ending theme to etude’s Soshite Ashita no Sekai Yori (そして明日の世界より) . This is the ED theme that plays in the common ending, where you don’t wind up with any particular girl. While that is usually a sign of failure in these sorts of games, this one probably connects to the after story the most.

Translated by Agilis.

return to that place return to that place
作詞:川田まみ Lyrics: Kawada Mami
作曲/編曲: 井内舞子 Composition/Arrangement: Iuchi Maiko
vocal:川田まみ vocal: Kawada Mami
舞い降りた花びらが ヒラヒラと掠めて Flower petals dancing down flutter pass
あてもない急ぎ足 思わず立ち止る my aimlessly rushing feet stand still before I realize
この地球<ほし>と同じスピードで飛んでゆけたなら If this earth were to fly at the same speed
怯えてしまうほど今を失うのが怖かったから Because I’m so afraid of losing ‘now’ that I’m trembling
優しさとぬくもりを守るため走ってゆく… to protect kindness and warmth, I run
時の針 いたずらに追いかけてみるけど The hands of time, I tried to chase them in vain
いつの間に追われてた毎日あざ笑う but at some point I was being chased, everyday I laughed mockingly
目を閉じて感じて欲しい 何が大切か I want you to close your eyes and feel, just what is important
愚かになれるほど君が必要だとわかったんだ I learned I needed you, so much I could become foolish
この瞬間<とき>を少しずつ無限に膨らませて… expand this instant
I understood. 【もう泣かない】 I understood. [I won’t cry any more]
I’ll return to 【もう迷わない】 that place together. I’ll return to [I won’t hesitate any more] that place together.
僕らの心の中には幾千もの扉があり Within our minds, thousands of doors exist
どの場所へ向かうかも僕らの胸の中に… whichever place we face, within our hearts…
愚かになれるほど君が必要だとわかったんだ I learned that I needed you, so much I could become foolish
優しさと温もりを守るため走ってゆく… to protect kindness and warmth, I run…
あの場所へ帰ってゆく… I return to that place…


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