I like hearing comments about projects, suggestions, or just interesting chatter about stuff. Also, if you wanted to use my lyric translations somewhere, just ask and we’ll work something out.



You can follow me on Twitter if you’d like There’s a certain amount of dual-language chatter on there, but should still be follow-able.



Feel free to send emails to agi(period)projectmail(at)gmail(period)com. (Replace things in ()‘s with @‘s and .‘s as needed of course)

もしも日本からの方々がメール等を送りたい人がいったら、“agi.projectmail(a-t)“ ( (a-t)は@に変えて下さい) によろしくお願いします。

I would appreciate it if you put something in the subject that helps me know the email isn’t spam. Be creative. For those who aren’t so creative, a simple [Neechin] tag in the subject could work.

But I would much rather be entertained.

Wouldn’t you?


You can find me, and some of the people I work with on #denpa at The main focus is to gather people who work on visual novels, to create a meeting place for talent. However, everyone is welcome to join, lurk, and chime in as they feel like.

People without an IRC client installed can use this mibbit widget to visit.

My machines are logged in almost constantly, so if I don’t reply, I’m just away for a bit.



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