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Lyrics - Moshimo Ashita ga Harenaraba - Hinadori

Starting a new series of lyric translations of my favorite songs from games, Hinadori, from Moshimo Ashita ga Harenaraba.

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Lyrics - Narcissu Side 2nd - 15cm

Lyrics and translation for the insert song for the game Narcissu Side 2nd finally up and completing the set.

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ef the first tale full game project, started

And I had said I had no intention of translating ef… funny how life turns out.

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Muvluv Synopsis Project - Extra Ending Special

Because Narcissu Side Second has top priority and is taking so very long, I feel somewhat bad about leaving other projects totally in limbo.

So, looking around, I decided to do a little something special for the end of the year. So here, I bring you the special ending given in the Muvluv: Extra light novels that came out in 2007.

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Shakugan no Shana vol 12 translated excerpt

Some bonus reading for Thanksgiving this year.

Taken from the novels Shakugan no Shana 12 (灼眼のシャナXII), this is the last 3 pages of the epilogue (p247-250). Here. the flashback stories of the human Johan and tomogara Pheles, finally come to an end in this scene…

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Bits on Translation Projects

New translators are always somewhat cute… now if only they stopped and learned from other people’s mistakes…

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Lyrics - Muvluv Alternative - Sion

I needed a tiny break from working on Narcissu Side 2nd, so here’s a song I had been meaning to work on from awhile ago.

Meiya’s image from the “Muv-luv collection of Standard Edition songs.” One of the better songs on the CD.

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Narcissu2 OP movie

A gift at the end of an all-night coding-project session. 2:35 of Narci2 animated goodness.

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Lyrics - Muvluv Alternative - Carry On

The final insert song for Muvluv Alternative.

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Lyrics - Muvluv Alternative - Tsubasa

The first of two insert songs for Muvluv Alternative.

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