Same forum, new home

The gemot has entered it’s 3rd incarnation, at moreover, it was done with a full transfer of all the post and user data. It’s like it simply teleported! \o/

The Gemot is a special place. Originally created by Haeleth and put on his Kanon translation project site, it later was shifted to the now defunct visualnews news site, before finally moving onto the new novelnews site under a more active management team. It’s where a pretty large group of visual novel fans hang out to discuss translating projects and the like.

For various reasons, I treat it as something as my home forum. If I ever release things, I usually just post a note here on neechin, and there. Debates and observations of statements there often fueling the desire to write one of my various essay/editorials on this or that topic.

New translation releases get announced here. New projects are often first announced here. Staff recruiting is often announced by groups here and there. Small translations of snippets of the latest news sometimes pop up. Occasionally, there’s even social analysis, hot debate, and lots of other things.

So, if you haven’t been there yet, take a look.


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