ef the first tale full game project, started

Update: this post has been superceded by this one. So yeah.

The project has already come into light, so there’s no point in me hiding it, I suppose.

Yes I’ve recently become part of the project to translate ef the first tale the complete game. I had worked on the ef demo because I was asked, but this time I more or less volunteered to take a staff position.

However, I’m not the head translator. I had stated that I don’t intend on translating ef, and I still don’t intend to. For one thing, my translating/project plate is already full with Narcissu side 2nd (which is ongoing, each and every night for over 200 days now…).

Instead, there’s a new translator working on the project who’s doing that, and I’m more than happy to leave it there. He shows promise language-wise, but is new to the whole process, and being new and leading such a large project is usually a bad idea. Rather than see him get crushed by a large project, I opted to help out a bit.

As for me, I’m taking a relatively vague position. Since I’m interested in encouraging new translating talent, I’m working mostly as a mentor-type, supporting the translator as he learns the ropes and finds his stride. If all goes to plan, less than 10 lines of text that appears to the user will be by my hand.

I also double somewhat as a translator-editor (as opposed to an editor with no translation skill), which goes hand in hand with mentoring. It’s difficult to grow without both constructive and negative feedback. Last thing the world need is another anime/vn translator (or editor for that matter) who thinks they’re a divine gift to a project and we should all bow down and worship them, even though in reality they’re horrible.

Anyways, I’m more or less around for quality purposes, so the quality of ef shouldn’t be a disaster. We’ll see how things turn out, since there’s alot of work to be done and surprises always come up with these things that throw it off the rails.


  1. 02/02/2008 08:49 PM | #

    This good news.
    I enjoyed the ef anime very much..
    And I would like to play the visual novel as well..

    Good luck to you guys.._

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