More Muvluv Alternative Side Stories


Age, as usual, is riding their Muvluv franchise as hard as they can. Just like they did Kiminozo. The thing is. They’re very good at it.

Today, Aug 20th 2006, they’ve announced more goodies to get pathetic obsessed people like me to reach for our collective wallets.

First, there’s more figures to be had from Volks , one of the high-end figure makers. (Btw, I HATE you volks for geolocating my IP and directing me to your english pages, I don’t want to look at your ugly dolls!) Looks like new Shiranui and Fubuki mecha models. Pretty as they are, thank goodness I’m not into collecting figures. (Okay, okay, I’ve contemplated getting the limited edition 1/6 Tsukuyomi, just for a day or two before reason kicked in. Just look at it, you can understand, right?)

But, the main reason I’m excited, as usual, is because, there’s more stories to be had. Yet another side story, “Muvluv Alternative: Total Eclipse” will be featured in January’s Tech Gian. This time, it’s about the test pilots and mechanics working for the UN forces. It appears to be a piece that will be aimed at obsessed mecha fans, so I’m not crazy about it. But the opportunity to read more stories isn’t something I’d turn away from.

Total Eclipse will be the 3rd installment in the “Another Story” series of shorts written in the Alternative universe—after 贖罪, “Shokuzai”, Atonement, a back story about Marimo before she became drill sergeant, and 継承 “Keishou” Succession, inheritance, a back story of Michiru Izumi’s 3 sisters.

At this rate, I should just wait until they’ve collected a bunch, then release a Muvluv fan disk like Muvluv Supplement or Kiminozo Special Fan Disk.

And of course, on that fan disk, everyone’s expecting a final story that continues from where Alternative left off. “Sekigae! Sekigae! Sekigae!”


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