Heading off to Japan

Well, I’ve been complete AWOL for many weeks. For those who follow me on twitter or IRC they’d know I was alive, but otherwise I haven’t posted something to Neechin in a few months.

Main reason being that work is prepping for a huge release, and I had scheduled this 2.4 week vacation to go to comike. Guess what, the HUGE product release goes out the day I come back.

The devs right now are killing themselves doing the code needed for the release. As for me, I have to set up all the tracking, prep all the stats, and be ready to see if the system metrics are heading up, down, or what. Except, I have to finish 2.4 weeks before everyone else. OTL

Anyways, I’ll be off to Comike, C79! Last time I was in japan was in 2008 for C74.

On the agenda includes saying hi to industry. Hopefully I can see Age, though they’re at Akiba UBX this year. I was hoping to get some time with Kataoka in this year to talk about possible projects, but thanks to the upcoming release schedule for White, he’s swamped and it doesn’t look like he’ll be available at all.

Otherwise, this is the first vacation longer than 4 days (incl. weekends) that I’ve had in about 18 months… Can’t wait!


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