Anime Expo Report Part3 - Epic Dinner

Another one posted by Circus’s Azuza Takamiya here.

If you watched the various blogs and twitter streams of the Mangagamer and circus staff, you would’ve heard talk about yakiniku, Korean BBQ, an off-meet, and in general just an epic dinner. Well, that was us. Between me and Shinikenshi, we set up probably the first eroge off-meet on US soil that involved eroge company staff and western fans. In all, we crammed a room with about 31 people and many plates of meat.

Much of Circus and Overdrive, some people from Flat, Frontwing, and some goods makers all came. All told, 14-15 guests on top of our already large group. They were rather surprised at the level of wotaku power we displayed, since we recognized most games, mentioned familiar topics (im@s, figures, gags, etc), and in general fit in with their universe. At the same time, we were in our element. We might not watch all that much anime these days, but we’ll keep up with the niconico gags, popular games, and all sorts of craziness.

The planning and chaos that ensued almost killed me and shini, but at the end of the day, everyone ate good food, had lots of laughs, and kept everyone happy. It was great, and we need to do it again. With better planning this time. Much better planning.

I’ll have to say, one good thing about making friends with most of Mangagamer. On the last day, after a major drinking session with #denpa, we find Mangagamer having a final goods sale, and they’re selling random things signed. On the stage there was a huge plate of sandwiches they they had intended for lunch. Considering I hadn’t eaten yet (around 2pm) and had emptied my stomach the night before, I really wanted a sandwich.

When I mentioned to the sound engineer (who handled the MG lives) standing to the side that the sandwiches look delicious and I had drank too much the night before, he asked if I’d like to buy a Cy-Rim Revolution CD — if I did, it’d come with a sandwich. I had wanted the CD since last year, so it was a done deal. Stomach fed and settled. Got a CD I wanted on top of that too. Win.


  1. Magedark
    07/09/2010 12:51 PM | #

    That must have been a extraordinary time. Although, no one stands out to me except Zalas right thereeeee.

  2. Ray
    07/16/2010 10:32 AM | #

    It was a pleasure meeting a couple of you at the concert where I filmed, especiall the guy in forefront in the pic. Too bad the Japanese company wouldn’t let us release the film to share with everyone out there, but seeing and being with real fans really made the whole experiance ROCK!!! You all are awesome!

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