Japanese Narcissu PSP edition to release in May

I’ve heard rumors about this awhile ago, but looks like it’s finally come to pass, a PSP version of Narci is coming to the PSP. Titled “Narcissus, moshimo ashita ga areba” (Narcissus, if there is a tomorrow”) published by Kadokawa+Hobibox.

Amazon.jp happens to be taking preorders now, over here Two versions, one with a preorder goodie (looks like a little book, a sort of “pilgrimage map” (whatever that means) and an LCD screen cleaner), and one without. [Update: KadoHobi seems to have a dedicated page for the game, though there’s not much there at the moment”

The cover art looks like the same artist as the Narci3, and I’m not sure what the contents are exactly. The few screenshots available on the amazon show scenes that I recognize from Narci 3 and Narci 2, (the Narci 2 shot definitely new, and I’m not sure if those extra shots in 3 are new)

Anyways, back to work…


  1. Zetsubou
    03/22/2010 02:51 PM | #

    I have already seen the promotion movie when i went to Japan i think it will be narcissu 1-3 because there is a screen shot of narcissu 1

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