Freedom and new beginnings

Today is a day of celebration. Finally, with an offer letter in hand, I gave notice to my current position, and will be moving on to another analyst-y type job.

As a number of people know, I’m a New Yorker, and right now the city is in a rather shoddy economic state, outstripped by only a few other places in the country. In Feb 15, 2009, pretty much while banks were failing left and right I was rather ecstatic to leave four months of unemployment behind and start at a new place.

The only real problem was that the hours involved were relatively insane. It’s one thing when the contract of employment says that “occasionally” to get things done you might have to stay extra hours (yay exempt status…). It’s another thing entirely when you realize that you’re spending at least 10 hours at your desk in the office, every day, consistently for months on end. Add in an hour commute each way and it’s not particularly fun. Since I’m not working in the financial industry, it’s not like I could look forward to a fat bonus check for all the revenue I brought in… that would have at least made things bearable…

Why do any of you care? Well, that means I won’t be arriving at home at 9-10pm every day only to eat then pass out! It means, gasp, TIME to use for projects! All the stuff that got put on hold has a good chance of thawing out now.

Of course, come Jan 1 I might realize that the new job sucks as much as the current one, but for now I’m keeping up hope.

Give me a few days to just catch up on the ridiculous sleep deficit I’ve built up the past 10 months, and the gears wll start grinding once again. I really missed working on translations and stuff, and it’s felt like an exile being away. I just hope I haven’t rusted too badly in awkward places.


  1. nein
    12/02/2009 06:44 AM | #

    Good luck with that then. ;)

  2. Magedark
    12/02/2009 09:42 PM | #

    Good for your health then, I presume.

  3. 12/02/2009 11:53 PM | #

    Well, the stress and workload hasn’t drastically affected my health. Having jobs like this last lets you appreciate the little things…

    Holding down breakfast before 11am, getting home before sunset, colds and scrapes that heal in less than 2-3 weeks. Humans are pretty resilient creatures when there’s not much alternative.

    New job starts the 16th. Can’t wait! Now to go find a song or something to warm up on…

  4. 12/07/2009 10:24 PM | #

    Great to hear! I hope everything goes well with your new job. :3 Maybe this gives me some hope of seeing Narc2 released next year?

    Haha, no, seriously, take care of yourself, and I hope the job goes as wonderfully as you hope.

    I always enjoy the irony in jobs: you have them so you can afford a home and material goods that you enjoy but you often work so much at the job that you can’t enjoy these things that you are working for. :\

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