Mysterious Bungaku Shoujo project announced

Enterbrain today posted a pretty and mysterious site link. Project Memoire At the moment (it will supposedly change over time) there’s just a cute little flash clip with Takeoka Miho’s beautiful book art and text that says the story of Konoha and Tooko are not yet over.

What could this mean, and why am I bothering to spam Neechin with it considering I usually post heavy editorials? Well, I love the book series, enough that I have 2 sets (a la Konata’s reasoning), and the new project is pointing towards potential for animation. Even knowing that an animation would be doing a crazed injustice to the books, I’d watch it obsessively anyways…The other possibility is that there’ll be a further second series of books, which I’d happily snarf up too.

The series itself closed with volume 8, but the first in a set of side-story novels is coming out on 12/26, and Takeoka Miho will have an art book out on 12/15. (Special B3 poster promotion for people who buy both until the end of January 2009 too…) There’s also a manga version of the first book already running in Gan-gan Powered.

I really should review the series someday… the only problem being that I’m not sure how much spoilers I should be slipping into to each one… if at all since they build on each other… In the meanwhile, I did scribble down a generalized description from back when the manga was announced.


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