New IRC channel for pooling of translation talent

When it comes to translation projects, I refuse to work with people I’m not familiar with. Reputation, personality, in addition to talent are extremely important. The problem is it’s hard to get that information first hand if everyone’s just a release page and a resume. It’s also hard to build the momentum needed to get a project started in a vacuum.

A section of the VN translating community hangs around the gemot while other groups hang around other communities, such as mirror moon, etc. There’s plenty of talent out there, but we’re not mixing very much. I’d like to change that.

So, today I’ve started a new IRC channel, #denpa on

What I’d like is to gather as many people who actually work on projects, those who would want to work on projects, those who think “maybe I can do something, if I knew how/what”, into one room. That way, if someone goes “Hrm, this looks interesting and I want to do it” everyone else in the room can go “Oh, that’s interesting, and since I know you, maybe I can help with this”.

Everyone else in the general public is welcome to wander in, chatter, lurk, whatever.
The only rule is “don’t be a jackass”.
Disagreeing and debating is natural. Being a jackass isn’t
Flamers, and disruptive riffraff will meet Hiyorin’s Magical Hammer with no remorse.


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